Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Slyther - man in a monster suit :)

I love this 'terrifying' 'alien monster' from one of the First Doctor adventures. More than that, I love the miniature - because it captures the feel of Classic Doctor Who television serials - a low budget suit thrown over a man's head to be a monster. It's like you can actually see the cloth beneath clumps of hairy fur - like a blanket thrown over someone's head, and the cuffs of the sleeves, as if the furry graspers are a hairy glove shoved over an actor's hands. Not to mention the fearsome cardboard tubes with foam balls for eyes glued onto the end of the stalks.

paint it black

paint it all a swampy green (castellan green)
paint the furry clumps brown (bestial brown)

paint eye globes bright (cream or white)

cover with a wet black wash (nuln oil)

wait for it to dry!

Touch up areas where the 'undersuit' shows through the fur, and the stalks, and cuffs on arms, in the green again

drybrush the fur areas with the brown again. Drybrush parts of the fur, and the up-facing parts, in a brighter brown/tan/fleshy colour to highlight (cadian fleshtone)
Highlight the eye stalks and cuffs with lighter green (elysian green)
paint eye globes in white

Glue it onto a base, flock, paint the base, etc (or stick it on a clear base).

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