Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cyberman !

Fantastic! Got my cybermen in the mail from Black Tree ! So easy to paint - bright silver, black wash, highlight up-facing surfaces with the silver again. Done!
Gotta be careful when cutting the slot-bit of metal off, that runs under their feet (for slotting into a regular slot-base) as his right foot snapped off. Luckily some super glue helped get him standing again. Once glued onto the clear base, he was solid again.


  1. Is it my imagination or do all of the Dr Who miniatures have the same blob face features? otherwise, coolies, I like your clear plastic bases.

    1. Thanks! lol, yes, there isn't much detail in the faces of most of the range of models. A couple of the 'unique' characters have more detailed faces, but it's still pretty basic :) Also, I'm not a very detailed face painter - some of the pro painters manage to paint eyes on and eyebrows and stuff, but I'm not quite there yet :)

  2. Nice work - I do love this version of the cybermen and would love to get enough of Ainsty's sewer pieces to replay The Invasion.

    Always thought this chap looked a bit excited to be a cyberman though ;)