Sunday, August 26, 2012

Clear Figure Bases Awesomeness!

Trying out something new. I've only actually based a couple of my doctor who minis, and I've ordered a bunch more for some classic cyberman and yeti scenarios with unit, etc. I've decided that my Doctor Who collection will use Clear Bases - something that I think is pretty neat.

Because Dr Who scenarios take place all over the place - city streets, space station interiors, desert wastelands, British farming fields, etc, I didn't like the fact that if I flock and decorate the bases of my figures, then they will only blend in with some types of boards. For example, if I put dirt and grass on the figure bases, it looks odd when walking down metal grated space station corridors.

So for Doctor Who, I am going to do my whole collection in Clear plastic bases, which I found a guy selling good ones on Ebay! Here's my first test: a civilian man with a briefcase. He is a metal mini that was sculpted with a metal base as part of the figure. I sawed off everything beneath his feet with a big craft knife, and then superglued his feet to the middle of the clear plastic base (after painting him - don't want to get any paint or wash stains on the base!) and now I have a guy whose base fits in with any type of scenario!

It is a trade off though, because it isn't flocked, it's reflective clear plastic, but I've decided I really like it anyhow :)

In the snow!

In a military installation!

On a grassy, rocky hill!

In the hand of a giant!


  1. Cool! Less fun for models in terms of displaying them, but for playing on a variety of terrains I think it's a great idea.
    I don't recall the episode with the giant hand that crushed civilians with briefcases, but I haven't watched any Dr. Who in a while =)

  2. Great Idea and it does look great

  3. This is indeed clever, and looks rather sci-fi-ish too.

  4. Great idea... Sally 4th now has a range of 17 different types of clear Perspex gaming bases. Their are a lot of photos of games in progress using them, including some Dr Who gaming at :

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog, and thanks for the link, there's some good photos on there