Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lost In Space... Time

(I haven't done the bases on these guys yet, but you get the idea)

I was just playing around yesterday, and decided to go off on a tangent into alternate reality. Here's the Family Robinson in "Lost in Space...Time". The Doctor temporarily became human to escape an ancient enemy, but with the loss of his fob watch, he has grown old and forgetful, and lost all touch with his Time Lord life... in the swinging 60's!

Ian and Barbara Robinson are in the middle. On the right is their annoying kid genius daughter, Suzie. At the back is their saucy elder daughter Jenny and her boyfriend, the ex-fighter pilot Dave. On the left we have Ian's eccentric 'uncle' (at least, that's what everyone called him, growing up), Dr. John Smith and his sinister robot companion, I-Bot, who Smith insists is 'mostly harmless'.

When the Robinsons (and Dave) came to holiday at Smith's house in the countryside, little did they realise the crazy old uncle was meddling with time travel experiments! After an accident with his experiment, the whole house has been flung through time and space! The machine went haywire, and now, every twenty-four hours, the house travels to a new destination, taking anyone inside it along for the ride.

The Robinsons must explore each new world they find themselves on, to find food and water to survive, and make sure they are back inside the house for when it travels next. Along the way they are not helped by Smith's continuing experiments. Also, there are low-budget aliens, evil twins, and who knows what else, to encounter in their trips, and so forth, to make life interesting.

Here's some villains from Episode: Planet of the Ape... Men.
Flung back to prehistoric times, they discover the sinister Daleks - and their plot, to enslave the human race at the dawn of time!
Can the Robinson's find food and water to survive? Will little Suzie get kidnapped by the Daleks? Will Jenny faint melodramatically in the arms of a giant ape-man, just before an ad break? Will everyone make it back to the house before it sails off to another world? Who knows! As I haven't made any rules or anything yet for these figures :)
The Ape-Men are Rebel Wookie Soldiers from the star wars miniatures game by wizards of the coast. I tried to paint their faces so they had a monkey look. I didn't realise when I took the photo that some of the fake grass was stuck to some of their faces. I have since fixed that.

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