Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Yet another mini blog - 40k

Hi guys, in addition to this Dr Who blog (which I don't post on nearly enough!) and my other fantasy blogs, etc, I've now got yet another blog of mine: I've started collecting figures to play with, this time for Warhammer 40k (another Games Workshop product). I'm currently doing the Imperial Guard. You can read about it and see lots of pictures here: http://pauls40k.blogspot.com/

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Camera - the Canon SX130 IS

My old camera got more and more unreliable, until it was virtually useless, so I finally got a new camera! Boy am I happy with it! It's a Canon SX130 IS. The current generation Canon processors have very accurate colour, such that the photos I take are now looking a lot more, colour-wise, like the paints I have put on the figures. The old camera was pretty hit and miss as to what colours would look like.

Now the Roboman and Dalek's shadow-grey bits (the man's jacket, and the dalek's spheres) come out looking just like the colour paint on the figures! I'm very happy with that.

Gone too is the strong contrast/saturation randomness of the previous camera. The new one takes photos that are much more like the natural lighting of the room (once the power-saver light bulbs in the ceiling have warmed up).

Anyway, to celebrate my new camera excitement, I've been taking lots of photos. Here's yet another shot of the roboman and a dalek, in much more natural looking colours and lighting.

if anyone is interested in looking at more types of photos with the Canon sx130 IS, I've started a photography blog as I explore some of its features. There's various types of photos at: http://paulssx130.blogspot.com/ and I'll be adding more from time to time.