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SCENARIO: Doctor Who and the Slaves of the Red Planet

#UPDATE - I forgot to put which figures/stats are which characters. I added them now to the bottom of this post. Also, added how morale, doorways and walking/running works in this scenario, under Special Rules near the bottom.

#UPDATE - I have added the penalty of not having a sonic screwdriver for this scenario, as it was never seen in use by the First Doctor, though he may very well have had one tucked away on the TARDIS somewhere.

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(I've only painted a couple Doctor Who miniatures so far, so in these photos, most are just raw metal figures at the moment.)

Slaves of the Red Planet

ERA: The First Doctor: Episode 008b
(between Reign of Terror and Planet of the Giants)

The Doctor, his granddaughter Susan, and their companions Ian and Barbara, materialise within the outskirts of a massive domed city. Outside the clear plasteel dome, they can see barren, rocky terrain, in a vivid reddish-orange. Readings on the Tardis computers tell the Doctor that this is a place he has been before, in his younger days. Yes, it is Carsus Dome - a human colony on Mars, during the 25th Century!

He wonders how the colony is going, and decides on a little excursion into the city. It's all perfectly harmless, and could do the travellers some good to have a break from the dangers of their journeys.

However, soon they find that all is not as the Doctor remembered. The people of the city all wear these strange metal helmets of their heads, with blinking white lights on the sides at each ear. The citizens of Carsus Dome move about slowly, gazing ahead, taking no notice at all of the Doctor and his companions.

Watching the citizens, it seems they are engaged in some great labour project, replacing parts of the city with new materials - in particular, replacing the flooring throughout the city with smooth metal panels, with some sort of cabling running beneath them.

All very unusual...

The Doctor notices illuminated spheres on posts at different points through the city. Sometimes, one would suddenly change colour, and some of the nearby citizens' helmets would start to blink in that colour. Those citizens would stop what they are doing, and then walk off in a new direction, to perform some other task.

Definitely some sort of mind control. Someone - or something - has found a way to control the human mind electronically. The Doctor and his companions are quite disturbed, and decide to investigate some large machinery that they have noticed scattered at hub points around the city.

It is a Power Hub, and the cabling beneath the new floor panels comes from these Hub machines. On inspection, the Doctor discovers the machine is harnessing some sort of Static Electical Energy.

Quite Extraordinary!

However, thinking back, he realises that he only knows of one race in the entire galaxy that harnesses static electricity... and looking around at the smooth new floor panels powered by this force, he realises exactly what is going on.

A nearby elevator door slides open to reveal...

A Dalek!

It comes out menacingly, gliding across the newly laid flooring of the Dome City.

"You are not under our control... You are with the resistance... The resistance will be exterminated!"

Suddenly, a grenade flies through the air! Resistance fighters come out of the alleys, as the grenade explodes in a pulse of light and sound beside the Dalek, and its weapon and plunger tilt down.

A resistance man introduces himself to the Doctor. He is Carl Jorgen, leader of the resistance, and he had been watching the companions for some time. Seeing that the Doctor has an understanding of the Hub's technologies, he asks for the Doctor's help against he Daleks.

He explains that the resistance has used the Static technology of the hubs to create Static Pulse Grenades - that give of a supercharged burst of static electrical energy that can temporarily stun a Dalek - but not actually damage them.

As he leads the companions away to safety - more Daleks glide toward them, and a battle takes place. The Doctor shouts "Run!" and heads off with Ian and Carl, but Susan and Barbara race off in a different direction as the Daleks start shooting down resistance fighters.

Later, at the Resistance Hideout, soldiers tell Carl that Susan, Barbara and two other soldiers were taken prisoner by the Daleks. They will be converted into more Slaves of the Red Planet!

Ian insists the Doctor do something, and they make plans.

The Doctor, studying the layout of the city, and the Static Energy Hubs, believes that if the generators that send power to the hubs could be destroyed, the Daleks would be defeated. Carl plans to plant explosives in the Dalek complex beneath the city, while the Doctor and Ian rescue Susan and Barbara.

If all goes to plan, the prisoners will be rescued, and the Dalek Complex will be blown apart, ending the Dalek threat!

Scenario Setup
Place map tiles to form the rooms and passageways of the Dalek Complex. Place four sections of 'Dalek Machinery' in seperate rooms, spread out across the board. Place computer consoles scattered across the board. There are two entrances to the board on the left. Along the right are three cell chambers for prisoners who await the mind control process.

Spread the Daleks out. At least two should be near Machinery. Spread the Robomen out across the complex, ensuring all Machinery has at least one Dalek or Roboman within that room area.

Human Team
  • The First Doctor
  • Ian
  • Carl the Resistance Leader
  • 6 x Resistance Soldiers (plus 2 resistance prisoners)
No Sonic Screwdriver
The First Doctor was never seen to make use of a sonic screwdriver device, and this scenario should reflect that lack of its use as an easy anti-Dalek device.
3 x Static Energy Pulse Grenades
RANGE: Thrown, HIT: 4+, EFFECT: Stuns if hit for 1d6 turns
Place a bluetack blob or other marker on a figure to mark that they are holding a grenade. Give to any figure, but only 1 per figure. After use, remove the marker.
4 x Explosives
Carl carries explosives which can be planted using 1 activation on any Dalek Machinery. These explosives are set to blow up within the hour, hopefully giving them time to rescue the prisoners and escape.

Dalek Team
  • 3 x Daleks
  • 6 x Robomen
The Prisoners
Susan, Barbara, and two resistance soldiers, are held prisoner. There are three cell rooms. One contains Susan and Barbara, the other two have a resistance soldier in them. When a door to a cell is opened, roll 1d6. On a 5 or 6, Susan and Barbara have been found. Otherwise, place a resistance soldier in that cell, with a rifle.

Human Team:
+1 VP for each machinery where explosives have been planted
+2 VP if all four machinery had explosives planted - the Daleks have been destroyed!
+1 VP if Susan is escorted safely off of the board
+1 VP if Barbara is escorted safely off of the board
+1 VP for Ian, and +1 VP for the Doctor, if they leave the board AFTER Susan and Barbara have either escaped or been killed.

Dalek Team:
+1 VP each for the Doctor, Ian, Susan and Barbara, if they are killed.
+1 VP for any machinery that does not have explosives planted on it at the end
+2 VP if even one piece of machinery does not have explosives planet on it - the Daleks survive!

My layout example:
A: The Doctor, Ian, Carl and a Resistance Fighter
B: The remaining Resistance Fighters
C: Machinery guarded by Roboman
D: Machinery guarded by Dalek
E: Machinery guarded by two Robomen
F: Door to cell
G: Door to cell
H: Door to cell
I: Machinery guarded by Dalek and Roboman

When working out if a figure needs to make a morale test, distances are in adjacent squares or inches on the map - and are blocked by closed doors or walls. So, to count as Alone, friendly models must be within a path of 12" or squares from the character's location.

Power Control
Any figure can spend 1 action performing a Power Control attempt at any computer console. Since they get 2 actions in a turn, they can use both to make multiple attempts. A successful Power Control action allows them to mark one corridor on the map as disabled. Only one corridor can be disabled at a time. A Dalek can similarly perform Power Control by spending an action at a computer, to restore power to a disabled corridor. To perform Power Control, roll 2d6. If the result is equal to or less than the character's Intelligence score, then they succeed in the action.

If a door is closed, a figure adjacent to the door can spend half their standard movement points to open the door. So, a figure with 6 movement must spend 3 movement to open the door. Once open, it remains open until the end of the turn. At the end of the turn, if no one is within 3 inches/squares of the door, it will automatically shut. If someone ends their turn adjacent to a door, they can choose to manually close it if they want to. If opposing team characters are on opposite sides of a door, the team who had priority for this round can choose whether to keep the door open or to close it. A character who ran during this turn, but stopped in front of a closed door, and still has half their movement points remaining (ie, their move is 6 and they have 3 or more points remaining) can choose to use up those points to open the door, so that next round, they will start beside an open door.

Walking and Running
As usual, a character can spend 1 Activation to walk. Spending an additional activation to move again means they are running during this round. A figure wanting to run through a doorway must treat it like an obstacle. So, the character rolls a die, and that is how far they are able to move. If it is further than the distance to the door, they can pass through the door. If it is equal or less than the distance to the door, they must stop adjacent to the door, and cannot pass through it this turn.
Good Team
The Doctor and Companions
The First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan - just use their stats from the rulebooks and appropriate miniatures.

Carl the Resistance Leader
You can use any soldier figure. They should be visibly different from the resistance soldier figures. Could be a Unit soldier, or a 22nd Century Guerilla, or something like that. Someone with a pistol on the miniature. Carl is equipped with a Laser Pistol, and his explosives.
His stats are: MOVE 6, DEF 3, HITS 2, STA 3, AGI 3, INT 8, MORALE -
His special rule is: Obsessed with Victory - he always succeeds in Morale tests.

Human Resistance Fighters
The resistance fighters can be represented by the London Resistance, for example. They can be equipped with SMGs or with Laser Rifles.
Their stats are: MOVE 6, DEF 3, HITS 1, STA 3, AGI 3, INT 7, MORALE 7
Their special rule is: Desperate Attack - Resistance Fighters know this could be their only chance to disable the Daleks for good. They count as +1 Morale for the first 4 turns, before they begin to be affected by their fears.

Villain Team
Any Dalek figure will do. These are standard Daleks. The game can optionally be made harder, by making one Dalek a Dalek Engineer, and allowing it to spend a turn disabling explosives that Carl has put on machinery. Carl can re-activate those devices by going back there and spending a turn arming them again, etc.
The human soldiers who are under Mind Control of the Daleks are the same as Robomen from the Dalek Invasion of Earth scenario, available at the Yahoo! Doctor Who Miniatures Game (DWMG) site: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/doctorwhominiaturesgame/
The only difference is that they are equipped with Laser Rifles in this scenario, and do not possess Stun Sticks or Stun Whips. They also do not possess an explosive collar, and the Good Team cannot remove their Controlled status.

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