Friday, December 3, 2010

Painting Figures: Dalek Saucer Commander

Today I've done another Dalek officer, this time the pilot of a Dalek Saucer, as seen in the Dalek Invasion of Earth! I based it with the Flames of War grass, and added and drybrushed some rocks from a Warhammer 40k Basing Kit. I found to be able to add things like rocks to a Dalek base, I've put a couple of my Daleks off-centre, so that there is more room beside it on the left or right, allowing features to be glued on for added variety.

I liked how these photos turned out today. In the photos of the Dalek Commander yesterday, I couldn't get the lighting/colours to display like they are in real life(my camera auto-adjusts when it takes photos) but in these photos, it has come out a lot like it actually looks. The Dalek Commander I painted yesterday has the same metal, black and blue paints used on this Saucer Dalek, but yesterday I couldn't get any good photos of it.

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