Thursday, December 2, 2010

Painting Figures: Dalek Commander

I got my figures from Black Tree Designs in the mail! I thought I would start off doing the Dalek forces.

Today I did the commander Dalek, which is a regular dalek, but with a black dome and white eyes. I'm doing early era Daleks, so they are grey metal with blue spheres. I chose a greyish blue, because I prefer the blue to blend in and compliment the metal, rather than standing out strongly.

The Dalek commander is a Dalek Mk 3 miniature, which has a thicker bumper at the bottom. The original Daleks have a thin bumper around the bottom. The reason for this is that the original Dalek models on the TV show had metal coasters underneath, as they were designed to roll around on flat surfaces, but in some later episodes, they needed the Dalek models to be able to traverse uneven ground, so they put wheels on the bottom - requiring a bigger bumper around the bottom to hide the wheels and help give it a sort of floating on the ground effect.

I decided that my Dalek forces would have the thin bumpers at the bottom, and my commander Dalek would have the thick bumper around the bottom, to help stand him apart, in addition to his black dome 'head'.

I haven't based the figure yet, it's just glued onto the plastic base. I plan to do grass, rocks, etc, on the bases of the figures. Because the game of Doctor Who doesn't require armies of fifty or seventy models, but small numbers work really well, that I will probably collect small bunches of models, and give them different bases (grass, rock, desert, etc) for playing on different playing surfaces. At the moment, I only play miniatures games on two types of boards - a grassland board, and a rocky wasteland board, so I plan to get a range of figures based in both types of ground - starting with a grassland collection, since that is mostly what I use at home.

Here's some photos of the Dalek Commander. Next I will be doing a Saucer Pilot Dalek - another commander, who also pilots a flying saucer. Then I will paint up some Soldier Dalek 'drones'.

One small thing I noticed when painting it up, is that one of the spheres on the body was missing. I painted the spot, so from a distance, you can't tell the sphere isn't there, but up close you can see it's just a spot of paint at the moment. At some stage I'll have to make a tiny sphere out of Green Stuff and add it to the model. I also accidentally snapped the shaft of the plunger, but I glued it back on. Gotta love super glue!
My first Doctor Who miniature complete! Now I've got the words "Exterminate! Exterminate!" going around in my head :)

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