Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dalek City

A while back, I got a printable sci-fi room/passage set, that you print out, cut out, and can then randomly lay out interior maps different each time you play. Sort of like the Space Hulk game, if you know of that. Anyway, I got some foamboard off my brother the other day, and I've been trying it out doing various things. Today I got the sci-fi tiles I had previously cut out, and I glued them to foamboard, then cut the foamboard out, to give me very solid map tiles I can arrange how I please, without the paper curling (which paper printouts do very much here at my place).

Only three daleks finished so far - and I'm thinking of repainting the Dalek Commander (not the black and silver striped Saucer Commander) because I misread something, and the black dome / metal body daleks are the Emperor Dalek's bodyguards, while the early Commander Daleks were the Black one's (all over) with white spheres. So, I'll probably convert it into one of the Black Daleks at some stage, to be the Commander of my Dalek forces.

So here's some rooms and corridors within a Dalek City :) The computer consoles are Star Wars - Death Star paper scenery I found on the star wars miniatures forums (another miniatures game I play) and I tend to use the computers for any sci-fi game, they're very handy. Next I think I need to make some doorways, with a removable door that can slot into them, that fit on these map tiles. There are doorways drawn on the tile images, between each tile, but I like the idea of a 3D doorway.


  1. Where'd you get the print 'n play rooms and passages?

    1. I get lots of printable stuff from a web store called RPGNow that sells PDFs of all sorts of gaming things. I can't remember what this tile set was called, but there's lots of maps and things as well as other RPG material in that store.