Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ruined city board in progress

Here's some shots of my ruined city board in progress.

Ruined paper building in progress:

completed paper ruined building:

City Ruins map in progress:

Thoughts on gloss coated photo paper:
The glossy paper experiment was a bit of good and bad. It works great on everything - this is draft quality printing, but it still comes out looking like a high quality print because of the coating on the paper. And as long as you are sitting or standing by the table, looking down at the table to move figures around, eveything looks fine. However, if you get down low, for example, to take a side on shot of figures on the board, the gloss coating on any ground surfaces becomes completely reflective and it is impossible to take a photo from that angle.
I'm thinking now that quality photo paper works great for buildings, but the ground should be on matte cardstock. I have yet to find an alternative that has a non reflective surface but still has the strong colours and tones of the photo paper... and is cheep. (I got the paper I'm currently using at a really low price)

What's next:
I'm going to assemble a couple more paper ruin buildings of different types. Then I want to find some craters and more rubble. At the moment, the roads are very clean, but I want to junk up the ground surface of the board, clutter it up with craters, rubble, more barrels and things, so that it looks more like a blown up warzone.

For those interested in the PDF paper ruin buildings, here are links to a few of them. These PDFs have 'layers', which you can toggle in Adobe Acrobat Reader, allowing you to print tudor, brick, concrete, wood, bullet holes, cracks, and other types of details, to make different looking buildings from the same model, and then print. I thought that was a really great feature.

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