Friday, November 5, 2010

Paul's Doctor Who Miniatures Blog

Hi guys! I've always loved doctor who. The old classic series had a mix of great and boring episodes, but the costumes, dodgy scenery, and having all of time and space to explore, was fantastic. I'm a minatures games enthusiast, collecting all manner of minatures games, maps, rules, scenery, etc, and I thought, it would be so great to have a time travelling doctor who universe miniatures game.

Then, I discovered there was one! A range of miniatures were made by companies in the 80's, even Citedal Games (the warhammer guys) made daleks and cybermen and more! I was quite surprised, because I had never heard or seen any doctor who miniatures things before.

Then I stumbled upon the main rules set being used by people at the moment, an unofficial doctor who miniatures game that features lots of free pdfs covering all of the doctors, and supporting the huge range of miniatures made by companies such as Black Tree Designs and Crooked Dice. The free rules can be found at:

To get started, I have made paper miniatures (stand-ups) based on photos of painted miniatures on the internet. I'll use them to play a couple games, and see what the actual gameplay is like. If I like it, I'll start building up armies of daleks, cybermen, UNIT, earth resistance fighters, Doctor and companions, and more!

To begin, I'm tailoring the Dalek Invasion of Earth: Tournament Scenario into a two-player / solitaire scenario set in the british countryside, in the future. The Dalek Invasion of Earth is based on a first doctor adventure, where the Daleks had conquered humanity, leaving the cities of the earth in ruins - until thwarted by the Doctor and his companions.

Here's a photo of my current table setup. Once I've finished assembling paper miniatures, I'll play my scenario idea as a solitaire game test, and write it up as a battle report with photos.

The scenery is a mix of: citedal gaming mat, paper-printed roads from WorldWorks, 'battlefield-in-a-box' pre-painted hills, trees, rivers and bridge, and pegasus pre-painted gothic ruins and ruined walls. I'm can't remember who makes the industrial stacks / sci-fi machinery pieces, or the pre-painted barrels and crates. The paper model UFO (only partially assembled. There's landing gear, but I haven't done that yet) is from

As always, click on image for bigger image.

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