Sunday, November 14, 2010

Doctor Who and the Robomasters

While waiting for my miniatures to arrive in the mail, I've been watching the early Doctor Who episodes, and love the 'man in a suit' style to the old monsters. I've always liked recurring monsters, like the Daleks, Cybermen, and silurians/sea devils, and I thought, wouldn't it be neat to have my own unofficial Doctor Who 'episodes' where an untelevised recurring enemy was encountered by each of the Doctors in a series of adventures.

I came across a site called Shapeways, it's a 3d printing shop - you design a 3D model on your computer, and they 'print' out a miniature figure based on the model. After looking at some vintage/retro robots on the net, I've designed a robot I call the Robomaster, in a 'man in a suit' style.

I won't be able to order any for a couple weeks, but I've made the model for the Mk1 version of the Robomasters, who the first and second Doctor might encounter in my gaming :) They are tall robots (35mm high miniature, compared with 28mm high humans) planning to conquer the universe.

Shapeways has a minimum order of $25, and I worked out a single Robomaster (figure and base as a single piece) would cost $5.90 US. So, in a couple weeks I'll order a bunch of them, paint them up, and see what they are like. Hopefully my Doctor Who miniatures will have arrived by then, and after painting them up too, I can try out some games.

I'm very impressed that a 35mm custom figure can be manufactured and it costs less than $6 to do so!

Here's a rendered pic of the Robomaster Mk1 model, unpainted. I'm thinking of making variants holding rayguns or engineering equipment as well. I plan on painting them up in a white 'plastic' and crome/steel metal paint scheme, with black 'eye' and chest panel, and there are some black 'slot' indentations on the right half of the head, and there is a ring indentation on the top of the head, which is a glowing blue, red or green light. (groups could be painted with different coloured head lights to identify them)

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