Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hi guys. So I've played my first game of the Doctor Who Miniatures Game. I made a few mistakes here and there (like blowing up a Dalek, without giving it a chance to avoid death using its Dalekanium Armour) but I'm still learning how to play this. Anyway, had a great time, took lots of photos.

I'm only using paper standups at the moment - I didn't want to collect an army of miniatures, paint them up, then find I didn't like the rules or the style of the game. However, I really enjoyed this game, so I'm going to be buying heaps of Black Tree Designs miniatures and painting them up for a proper 3D miniatures game experience :) For now though, I apologize that the figures are just photos of miniatures printed out and folded so that they stand up.

The Scenario:
I based this battle on the Tournament Game in the Dalek Invasion of Earth PDF (my first blog post has links for getting rules and scenarios). I made a couple alterations, so this is basically what this battle is about:

A Dalek Saucer, detecting human life signs, sets down in the ruined British countryside. Local resistance fighters move into the area, seeking out human survivors, to evacuate them to safety. Meanwhile, a wheelchair-bound resistance leader named Dortmun needs to cross this area to reach a secret resistance meeting.

Following the Tournament rules, I made 8 groups, and assigned each group a coloured gemstone to identify them:

Invader Forces
Dalek Black - 1 Dalek - out to exterminate any enemies encountered.
Dalek Red - 1 Dalek - patrolling each Quarter of the map.
Robomen Green - 3 Robomen - planted with explosives and remote controlled, they will blow up near resistance humans.
Robomen Yellow - 3 Robomen with a mission to capture humans and bring them to the Saucer.

Resistance Forces
Resistance Black - 2 soldiers - escorting Dortmun to and off the north end of the map.
Resistance Green - patrol each Quarter of the map
Resistance Yellow - try to take out as many invaders as possible - and carrying Dalek Bombs
Resistance Red - try to find survivors in the ruins outside of their starting Quarter and escort them off the Resistance starting zone.


Priority: Resistance

The resistance soldiers set about their missions. Res-Black push Dortmun's wheelchair north from the entry zone, into the ruins. They plan to go up the east side of the map, and push him off the north east side of the map, to achieve their mission. Res-Green runs north, skirting the ruin walls, and gains a Victory Point (VP) for patrolling this Quarter of the map. Res-Yellow follows behind them, also skirting the ruin walls. They want to get in front of Dortmun, so they can fight the enemy and give him a chance to push through.

Res-Red runs west over the river ford crossing, heading to the southwest ruins in search of surivors to rescue.

Robomen-Yellow slowly pace southeast from the Saucer, planning to cross the river bridge and capture some of the humans. Robomen-Green similarly mindlessly shuffle toward the bridge. Dalek Black heads southeast for the river, in search of humans to exterminate, while Dalek Red rushes south, gaining 1 VP for patrolling this Quarter of the map, and heading toward the southwest Quarter.

Point Tally:
Resistance: 1 VP / Invaders: 1 VP

Round Two
Priority: Invaders

Dalek Red heads into the southwest Quarter. Robomen Yellow mindlessly stomp toward the bridge. Robomen Green also head for the bridge. Dalek Black hovers over the river toward the humans.

Resistance Red heads into the southwest ruins, and searches unsuccessfully for survivors. Dalek Red sees them from the distance.
The other resistance groups continue to head north up the east side of the map. Res-Yellow move behind some barrels for cover. Dalek Black, seeing the humans, begins to chant, "Exterminate! Exterminate!"

Round Two Point Tally:
Resistance: 1 VP / Invaders: 1 VP

Priority: Invaders

The Invaders get to go first again! Dalek Black moves beyond the river, and fires at the nearast resistance soldier, killing him, and gaining +2 VP. Robomen Green and Yellow continue shuffling for the bridge. Meanwhile, in the southwest, Dalek Red moves and opens fire on the resistance group who are searching for survivors, but it misses.

Resistance Red rolls lucky, and a survivor is found! They grab the survivor, and together, the trio run for the southeast corner of the map. If they can get the survivor off the map, they'll achieve their mission. In the northeast, the humans attack the Dalek. Res-Yellow attacks with both of their Dalek Bombs. One bounces off the Dalek, and explodes harmlessly off to one side. The other hits the Dalek and explodes! However, when the dust settles, the Dalek is still there, unharmed, and very, very annoyed. The surviving member of Res-Green runs up to the Dalek and fires his gun - hitting a critical spot and causing the Dalek's head to explode in fire and sparks, gaining VP for the resistance! A cheer goes up among the resistance fighters, as the wheelchair-bound leader Dortmun is wheeled toward the smoking Dalek, and on his way toward the north end of the map.

Round Three Point Tally:
Resistance: 3 VP / Invaders: 3 VP

Priority: Invaders
Daleks get to go first yet again! Dalek Red swivels on the spot menacingly, and shoots at the fleeing Resistance soldiers who are escorting the civilian survivor. Instead of moving this round, he fires twice - but both shots miss.
And then - tragedy! Robomen Green shuffle across the bridge, and are actually within 4" of Dortmun the Resistance Leader! The mind-controlled robomen are packed with explosives, and the moment they get within range, the Daleks detonate them! Both resistance soldiers - and Dortmun - are blown up in the explosion, gaining the Invaders +3 VP.
Robomen Yellow shuffle onto the bridge, after the explosion goes off, still intent on finding and capturing a resistance soldier.

Resistance Green aims at the front Roboman Yellow and opens fire. Even though he aims, the shot goes flying over the roboman's head. Both Resistance Yellow soldiers also aim and fire at the robomen. Amazingly, both shots hit the Roboman, but ricochet harmlessly off the metal mind-controlling helmet.

In the southern end of the map, Resistance Red makes it to the corner of the map - but they still have to spend a turn moving off the map to succeed in their rescue mission.

Round Four Point Tally:
Resistance: 3 VP / Invaders: 6 VP
The Invaders pull ahead into the lead with the assassination of Dortmun!

Priority: Invaders

They just keep winning initiative over the poor embattled human resistance! Dalek Red sees that even if he moved then shot, he couldn't fire at the fleeing resistance soldiers and the rescued civilian, so he turns his eyestalk to the northeast, and hovers to the river. The move grants him another +1 VP for his mission of patrolling each Quarter of the map! The Robomen shuffle beyond the bridge, heading towards the two soldiers of Resistance Yellow that are behind some barrels. They don't shoot at the resistance soldiers, as their goal is to stun and capture them to fulfill their mission.

The three resistance survivors open fire on the approaching robomen, and take out the one in front, gaining +1 VP. In the southeast corner, the resistance rescuers escape with the civilian survivor, gaining +2 VP.

Round Five Point Tally:
Resistance: 6 VP / Invaders: 7 VP
The invaders are still in the lead, but the resistance is catching up as they rescue a civilian!

Priority: Resistance

For the first time since the first turn of the game, the resistance gets to act first! Lone Resistance Green soldier moves to the east edge of the battlefield, and heads north, over the rubble, then moves back west, to stand behind cover, looking back at the robomen. He has now moved far enough to complete his mission to patrol each Quarter of the map, gaining +1 VP for the northeast Quarter of the map. Meanwhile, the two Resistance Yellow soldiers aim and open fire again on the robomen - and while they hit with both shots, it's just a scratch.

The two Robomen Yellow split up, shuffling to either side of the barrels, to come at the Resistance Yellow soldiers from both directions - and attack them with their stun batons. One of the resistance soldiers falls unconscious to the ground!

Dalek Red hovers across the river at full speed, and comes to a halt behind the melee conflict.

(I forgot to take any photos of the game during this round)

Round Six Point Tally
Resistance: 7 VP / Invaders: 7 VP
It's pretty close, but a Dalek has just moved into firing range, and only two resistance soldiers are still standing...

Priority: Invaders
The invaders are back in priority!

One Roboman Yellow starts dragging the stunned resistance soldier back toward the bridge - and the Saucer. The other continues to try and stun the other resistance soldier. The resistance soldier has higher agility, and gets to melee attack him first - but fails. However, the roboman also fails again to stun him.

The Dalek Red opens fire from behind the struggling resistance soldier, and blasts him away! +1 VP for the Invaders!

Meanwhile, only one resistance soldier is still standing, and he shoots from behind the rubble. He shoots the roboman who is dragging the stunned resistance soldier, and kills him, gaining +1 VP! Even better, at the end of the round, the stunned soldier rolls lucky, and wakes up!

Round Seven Point Tally
Resistance: 8 VP / Invaders: 8 VP
A close couple of rounds. Neck and neck points!

Priority: Resistance

Hoping to get two victory points, both remaining resistance soldiers move to a firing position, and shoot at the Dalek. However, even though one flukes a wounding shot, the Dalekanium Armour lets the Dalek roll to avoid taking damage - and it succeeds in staying alive.

The Dalek screeches "Exterminate! Exterminate!" and opens fire on the closest resistance soldier, but misses with both shots!

The remaining roboman moves to the closest soldier - the one who just woke up from being stunned - and tries to knock him out again, but fails to stun him.

Round Eight Point Tally
Both sitting on 8 VP, no one earned any points this round! Only two rounds left until the game ends...

Priority: Invaders

The Dalek opens fire with another set of blasts, but miraculously, it misses yet again! The roboman repeats his attempt to stun the resistance soldier - but with higher agility, the resistance soldier gets to strike first - and kills the roboman, gaining +1 VP for the resistance!

Resistance Green, whose mission is to patrol Quarters of the map, decides to try and earn another point at the end of the game, and runs away from the Dalek, and across the bridge, into the northwest Quarter. He still has to move some more to gain a patrolling VP though.

Round Nine Point Tally
Resistance: 9 VP / Invaders: 8 VP
The resistance pulls ahead by 1 point!

Priority: Resistance

With luck, the Resistance gains priority for the final round. Both humans run away from the Dalek. The patrolling human moves far enough to gain another +1 VP for his patrolling mission.

The Dalek has to get closer to a target to fire, but if he moves, he will still not be close enough, or in sight of, anyone to shoot them. Infuriated, the Dalek starts shooting wildly at the scenery, screeching, "You can-not de-feat the Da-leks!" Then, remembering his actual mission, he hovers off toward the river, moving far enough to earn a final +1 VP for his patrolling mission.

Resistance: 10 VP / Invaders: 9 VP

The Resistance wins by 1 point, then flees the area, leaving a disgruntled Dalek to return alone to his Saucer.


  1. Awesome read =)
    I can hear the theme music, see the dodgy flashing lightbulb on the dalek that means it's shooting =)
    Close game too!

  2. um er two questions. Where was "Dr Who to the rescue"? and how do you play a solitaire game? Does the left side of your brain keep the one side's strategy secret from the other side??

  3. I'm just playing factional skirmishes at the moment, rather than scenarios with 'hero' or 'villain' characters like the Doctor, Davros, Brigadier, Master, etc, in them.
    As for strategy; each figure has a goal to achieve from the beginning, so when it is that figure's turn, I just think, what's the easiest way to achieve their goal from that position on the table, and just do that. So I just make decisions spur of the moment for each figure, and watch how the action unfolds. It's different to playing against human opponents, but it's still fun :)

  4. Very entertaining! Look forward to seeing the next battle report.

  5. Loved reading this, makes me want to get some miniatures together for a game. Also like the solo play idea may try that out at some point. Where did you get the paper mini's from they look great?

  6. I just resized the photos of the minis on the black tree designs website, then printed them out.