Sunday, December 19, 2010

My first Roboman

I got some paints I ordered in the mail today, so I painted up a Roboman. Now the Dalek's have their very own radio-controlled soldier! I also tried something with a very small brush that I haven't really done before on a person, and added white eyes with black pupils!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SCENARIO: Doctor Who and the Slaves of the Red Planet

#UPDATE - I forgot to put which figures/stats are which characters. I added them now to the bottom of this post. Also, added how morale, doorways and walking/running works in this scenario, under Special Rules near the bottom.

#UPDATE - I have added the penalty of not having a sonic screwdriver for this scenario, as it was never seen in use by the First Doctor, though he may very well have had one tucked away on the TARDIS somewhere.

Scenarios on my blog: On the right side of the blog, there is a long list of keywords. I'm trying to keep the number of keywords to a minimum. Basically, clicking on a keyword brings up all the posts related to that word. When I come up with scenario ideas, you can quickly find them all by clicking on the SCENARIO keyword.

(I've only painted a couple Doctor Who miniatures so far, so in these photos, most are just raw metal figures at the moment.)

Slaves of the Red Planet

ERA: The First Doctor: Episode 008b
(between Reign of Terror and Planet of the Giants)

The Doctor, his granddaughter Susan, and their companions Ian and Barbara, materialise within the outskirts of a massive domed city. Outside the clear plasteel dome, they can see barren, rocky terrain, in a vivid reddish-orange. Readings on the Tardis computers tell the Doctor that this is a place he has been before, in his younger days. Yes, it is Carsus Dome - a human colony on Mars, during the 25th Century!

He wonders how the colony is going, and decides on a little excursion into the city. It's all perfectly harmless, and could do the travellers some good to have a break from the dangers of their journeys.

However, soon they find that all is not as the Doctor remembered. The people of the city all wear these strange metal helmets of their heads, with blinking white lights on the sides at each ear. The citizens of Carsus Dome move about slowly, gazing ahead, taking no notice at all of the Doctor and his companions.

Watching the citizens, it seems they are engaged in some great labour project, replacing parts of the city with new materials - in particular, replacing the flooring throughout the city with smooth metal panels, with some sort of cabling running beneath them.

All very unusual...

The Doctor notices illuminated spheres on posts at different points through the city. Sometimes, one would suddenly change colour, and some of the nearby citizens' helmets would start to blink in that colour. Those citizens would stop what they are doing, and then walk off in a new direction, to perform some other task.

Definitely some sort of mind control. Someone - or something - has found a way to control the human mind electronically. The Doctor and his companions are quite disturbed, and decide to investigate some large machinery that they have noticed scattered at hub points around the city.

It is a Power Hub, and the cabling beneath the new floor panels comes from these Hub machines. On inspection, the Doctor discovers the machine is harnessing some sort of Static Electical Energy.

Quite Extraordinary!

However, thinking back, he realises that he only knows of one race in the entire galaxy that harnesses static electricity... and looking around at the smooth new floor panels powered by this force, he realises exactly what is going on.

A nearby elevator door slides open to reveal...

A Dalek!

It comes out menacingly, gliding across the newly laid flooring of the Dome City.

"You are not under our control... You are with the resistance... The resistance will be exterminated!"

Suddenly, a grenade flies through the air! Resistance fighters come out of the alleys, as the grenade explodes in a pulse of light and sound beside the Dalek, and its weapon and plunger tilt down.

A resistance man introduces himself to the Doctor. He is Carl Jorgen, leader of the resistance, and he had been watching the companions for some time. Seeing that the Doctor has an understanding of the Hub's technologies, he asks for the Doctor's help against he Daleks.

He explains that the resistance has used the Static technology of the hubs to create Static Pulse Grenades - that give of a supercharged burst of static electrical energy that can temporarily stun a Dalek - but not actually damage them.

As he leads the companions away to safety - more Daleks glide toward them, and a battle takes place. The Doctor shouts "Run!" and heads off with Ian and Carl, but Susan and Barbara race off in a different direction as the Daleks start shooting down resistance fighters.

Later, at the Resistance Hideout, soldiers tell Carl that Susan, Barbara and two other soldiers were taken prisoner by the Daleks. They will be converted into more Slaves of the Red Planet!

Ian insists the Doctor do something, and they make plans.

The Doctor, studying the layout of the city, and the Static Energy Hubs, believes that if the generators that send power to the hubs could be destroyed, the Daleks would be defeated. Carl plans to plant explosives in the Dalek complex beneath the city, while the Doctor and Ian rescue Susan and Barbara.

If all goes to plan, the prisoners will be rescued, and the Dalek Complex will be blown apart, ending the Dalek threat!

Scenario Setup
Place map tiles to form the rooms and passageways of the Dalek Complex. Place four sections of 'Dalek Machinery' in seperate rooms, spread out across the board. Place computer consoles scattered across the board. There are two entrances to the board on the left. Along the right are three cell chambers for prisoners who await the mind control process.

Spread the Daleks out. At least two should be near Machinery. Spread the Robomen out across the complex, ensuring all Machinery has at least one Dalek or Roboman within that room area.

Human Team
  • The First Doctor
  • Ian
  • Carl the Resistance Leader
  • 6 x Resistance Soldiers (plus 2 resistance prisoners)
No Sonic Screwdriver
The First Doctor was never seen to make use of a sonic screwdriver device, and this scenario should reflect that lack of its use as an easy anti-Dalek device.
3 x Static Energy Pulse Grenades
RANGE: Thrown, HIT: 4+, EFFECT: Stuns if hit for 1d6 turns
Place a bluetack blob or other marker on a figure to mark that they are holding a grenade. Give to any figure, but only 1 per figure. After use, remove the marker.
4 x Explosives
Carl carries explosives which can be planted using 1 activation on any Dalek Machinery. These explosives are set to blow up within the hour, hopefully giving them time to rescue the prisoners and escape.

Dalek Team
  • 3 x Daleks
  • 6 x Robomen
The Prisoners
Susan, Barbara, and two resistance soldiers, are held prisoner. There are three cell rooms. One contains Susan and Barbara, the other two have a resistance soldier in them. When a door to a cell is opened, roll 1d6. On a 5 or 6, Susan and Barbara have been found. Otherwise, place a resistance soldier in that cell, with a rifle.

Human Team:
+1 VP for each machinery where explosives have been planted
+2 VP if all four machinery had explosives planted - the Daleks have been destroyed!
+1 VP if Susan is escorted safely off of the board
+1 VP if Barbara is escorted safely off of the board
+1 VP for Ian, and +1 VP for the Doctor, if they leave the board AFTER Susan and Barbara have either escaped or been killed.

Dalek Team:
+1 VP each for the Doctor, Ian, Susan and Barbara, if they are killed.
+1 VP for any machinery that does not have explosives planted on it at the end
+2 VP if even one piece of machinery does not have explosives planet on it - the Daleks survive!

My layout example:
A: The Doctor, Ian, Carl and a Resistance Fighter
B: The remaining Resistance Fighters
C: Machinery guarded by Roboman
D: Machinery guarded by Dalek
E: Machinery guarded by two Robomen
F: Door to cell
G: Door to cell
H: Door to cell
I: Machinery guarded by Dalek and Roboman

When working out if a figure needs to make a morale test, distances are in adjacent squares or inches on the map - and are blocked by closed doors or walls. So, to count as Alone, friendly models must be within a path of 12" or squares from the character's location.

Power Control
Any figure can spend 1 action performing a Power Control attempt at any computer console. Since they get 2 actions in a turn, they can use both to make multiple attempts. A successful Power Control action allows them to mark one corridor on the map as disabled. Only one corridor can be disabled at a time. A Dalek can similarly perform Power Control by spending an action at a computer, to restore power to a disabled corridor. To perform Power Control, roll 2d6. If the result is equal to or less than the character's Intelligence score, then they succeed in the action.

If a door is closed, a figure adjacent to the door can spend half their standard movement points to open the door. So, a figure with 6 movement must spend 3 movement to open the door. Once open, it remains open until the end of the turn. At the end of the turn, if no one is within 3 inches/squares of the door, it will automatically shut. If someone ends their turn adjacent to a door, they can choose to manually close it if they want to. If opposing team characters are on opposite sides of a door, the team who had priority for this round can choose whether to keep the door open or to close it. A character who ran during this turn, but stopped in front of a closed door, and still has half their movement points remaining (ie, their move is 6 and they have 3 or more points remaining) can choose to use up those points to open the door, so that next round, they will start beside an open door.

Walking and Running
As usual, a character can spend 1 Activation to walk. Spending an additional activation to move again means they are running during this round. A figure wanting to run through a doorway must treat it like an obstacle. So, the character rolls a die, and that is how far they are able to move. If it is further than the distance to the door, they can pass through the door. If it is equal or less than the distance to the door, they must stop adjacent to the door, and cannot pass through it this turn.
Good Team
The Doctor and Companions
The First Doctor, Ian, Barbara and Susan - just use their stats from the rulebooks and appropriate miniatures.

Carl the Resistance Leader
You can use any soldier figure. They should be visibly different from the resistance soldier figures. Could be a Unit soldier, or a 22nd Century Guerilla, or something like that. Someone with a pistol on the miniature. Carl is equipped with a Laser Pistol, and his explosives.
His stats are: MOVE 6, DEF 3, HITS 2, STA 3, AGI 3, INT 8, MORALE -
His special rule is: Obsessed with Victory - he always succeeds in Morale tests.

Human Resistance Fighters
The resistance fighters can be represented by the London Resistance, for example. They can be equipped with SMGs or with Laser Rifles.
Their stats are: MOVE 6, DEF 3, HITS 1, STA 3, AGI 3, INT 7, MORALE 7
Their special rule is: Desperate Attack - Resistance Fighters know this could be their only chance to disable the Daleks for good. They count as +1 Morale for the first 4 turns, before they begin to be affected by their fears.

Villain Team
Any Dalek figure will do. These are standard Daleks. The game can optionally be made harder, by making one Dalek a Dalek Engineer, and allowing it to spend a turn disabling explosives that Carl has put on machinery. Carl can re-activate those devices by going back there and spending a turn arming them again, etc.
The human soldiers who are under Mind Control of the Daleks are the same as Robomen from the Dalek Invasion of Earth scenario, available at the Yahoo! Doctor Who Miniatures Game (DWMG) site:
The only difference is that they are equipped with Laser Rifles in this scenario, and do not possess Stun Sticks or Stun Whips. They also do not possess an explosive collar, and the Good Team cannot remove their Controlled status.

Dalek City

A while back, I got a printable sci-fi room/passage set, that you print out, cut out, and can then randomly lay out interior maps different each time you play. Sort of like the Space Hulk game, if you know of that. Anyway, I got some foamboard off my brother the other day, and I've been trying it out doing various things. Today I got the sci-fi tiles I had previously cut out, and I glued them to foamboard, then cut the foamboard out, to give me very solid map tiles I can arrange how I please, without the paper curling (which paper printouts do very much here at my place).

Only three daleks finished so far - and I'm thinking of repainting the Dalek Commander (not the black and silver striped Saucer Commander) because I misread something, and the black dome / metal body daleks are the Emperor Dalek's bodyguards, while the early Commander Daleks were the Black one's (all over) with white spheres. So, I'll probably convert it into one of the Black Daleks at some stage, to be the Commander of my Dalek forces.

So here's some rooms and corridors within a Dalek City :) The computer consoles are Star Wars - Death Star paper scenery I found on the star wars miniatures forums (another miniatures game I play) and I tend to use the computers for any sci-fi game, they're very handy. Next I think I need to make some doorways, with a removable door that can slot into them, that fit on these map tiles. There are doorways drawn on the tile images, between each tile, but I like the idea of a 3D doorway.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Painting Step-By-Step: Dalek Warrior

I thought I'd do a step-by-step showing how I paint a Dalek Warrior, while I make them. (Photos were taken at different times during the day, so the lighting on them is a bit different in each one)

1: all the parts

2: glued together

3: Black Undercoat

4: Citedal Boltgun Metal Paint

5: Citedal Badab Black wash on key shapes and areas

6: paint in solid black areas

7: paint spheres with Citedal Shadow Grey and the thingy on the eye-stalk

8: paint white lights on dome and the white of the eye-stalk

9: Fill holes in base, and then flock the base. If there are any unwanted Badab Black Wash stains on metal surfaces, touch those spots up with some boltgun metal again. Finished!

Dalek Commanders

I noticed in re-reading the wikipedia article on Dalek variants, that it was the Mk II Dalek that they enlarged the fender to hide a tricycle arrangement of wheels beneath it, not the Mk III Dalek. However, it notes that the small upright panels that circle the middle of the Dalek's body - where the weapons jut out from - was introduced with the Mk III Daleks - before that Daleks actually had two solid bands of metal ringing their body at that location - something I had never really noticed before - especially since many of the Dalek episodes from the First/Second Doctors don't exist anymore (footage lost, destroyed, or recorded over by the BBC).

I don't think I've seen any miniatures that have that original ringing - they all seem to have the verticle slats. has a photo at the top of the page, on the right, that shows the original metal banding of the Dalek 'shoulder/torso' section, and lack of the slats.

Anyway, since I take a bazillion photos of minis, I thought I'd stick another shot on here, showing the two Commanders beside each other. I took this shot a couple times, and each time the left Dalek was slightly out of focus, but I gave up and kept this shot, as it is the most in-focus of the photos I took.  Still working on my Dalek Warrior 'drones'.

LEFT: Dalek Commander RIGHT: Dalek Saucer Commander

Friday, December 3, 2010

Painting Figures: Dalek Saucer Commander

Today I've done another Dalek officer, this time the pilot of a Dalek Saucer, as seen in the Dalek Invasion of Earth! I based it with the Flames of War grass, and added and drybrushed some rocks from a Warhammer 40k Basing Kit. I found to be able to add things like rocks to a Dalek base, I've put a couple of my Daleks off-centre, so that there is more room beside it on the left or right, allowing features to be glued on for added variety.

I liked how these photos turned out today. In the photos of the Dalek Commander yesterday, I couldn't get the lighting/colours to display like they are in real life(my camera auto-adjusts when it takes photos) but in these photos, it has come out a lot like it actually looks. The Dalek Commander I painted yesterday has the same metal, black and blue paints used on this Saucer Dalek, but yesterday I couldn't get any good photos of it.

Star Wars and Lord of the Rings

Off Topic for a moment - for those interested in miniatures gaming in general, feel free to check out my other miniatures blogs!

Star Wars:

Lord of the Rings:

Basing Figures: Dalek Commander

I decided to go with full grassed bases, and on figures that have more space on their bases, I'll add additional stuff like rocks, rubble, etc. Recently I've started basing my figures so that the sides of the bases are flocked as well as the tops, so that they blend in much more with the terrain - though like all bases, the effect is best when the tabletop is the same type of terrain as the sides of the figure bases. Here's the Dalek Commander with grass flocking, and a wall from one of the cardstock ruins kits I mentioned in an earlier post.
The grass mat is a Citedal Battle Mat, available from places like Games Workshop. The flocking I use is the grass flocking from Flames of War, and I find that while slightly different in tone (more so in real life than when looking at it in photos), it still matches the Citedal Battle Mat very well.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Painting Figures: Dalek Commander

I got my figures from Black Tree Designs in the mail! I thought I would start off doing the Dalek forces.

Today I did the commander Dalek, which is a regular dalek, but with a black dome and white eyes. I'm doing early era Daleks, so they are grey metal with blue spheres. I chose a greyish blue, because I prefer the blue to blend in and compliment the metal, rather than standing out strongly.

The Dalek commander is a Dalek Mk 3 miniature, which has a thicker bumper at the bottom. The original Daleks have a thin bumper around the bottom. The reason for this is that the original Dalek models on the TV show had metal coasters underneath, as they were designed to roll around on flat surfaces, but in some later episodes, they needed the Dalek models to be able to traverse uneven ground, so they put wheels on the bottom - requiring a bigger bumper around the bottom to hide the wheels and help give it a sort of floating on the ground effect.

I decided that my Dalek forces would have the thin bumpers at the bottom, and my commander Dalek would have the thick bumper around the bottom, to help stand him apart, in addition to his black dome 'head'.

I haven't based the figure yet, it's just glued onto the plastic base. I plan to do grass, rocks, etc, on the bases of the figures. Because the game of Doctor Who doesn't require armies of fifty or seventy models, but small numbers work really well, that I will probably collect small bunches of models, and give them different bases (grass, rock, desert, etc) for playing on different playing surfaces. At the moment, I only play miniatures games on two types of boards - a grassland board, and a rocky wasteland board, so I plan to get a range of figures based in both types of ground - starting with a grassland collection, since that is mostly what I use at home.

Here's some photos of the Dalek Commander. Next I will be doing a Saucer Pilot Dalek - another commander, who also pilots a flying saucer. Then I will paint up some Soldier Dalek 'drones'.

One small thing I noticed when painting it up, is that one of the spheres on the body was missing. I painted the spot, so from a distance, you can't tell the sphere isn't there, but up close you can see it's just a spot of paint at the moment. At some stage I'll have to make a tiny sphere out of Green Stuff and add it to the model. I also accidentally snapped the shaft of the plunger, but I glued it back on. Gotta love super glue!
My first Doctor Who miniature complete! Now I've got the words "Exterminate! Exterminate!" going around in my head :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Robota Are Coming

Changed the name from Robomasters to Robota Masters, since Robomasters is copyrighted already. So, coming soon to a tabletop... the Robota!

"Peo-ple of Earth... We are the Ro-bo-ta... We bring you peace... We bring you har-mo-ny... Un-der our rule!"

"Sub-ju-gate! Sub-ju-gate! Sub-ju-gate!"

Doctor Who and the Robomasters

While waiting for my miniatures to arrive in the mail, I've been watching the early Doctor Who episodes, and love the 'man in a suit' style to the old monsters. I've always liked recurring monsters, like the Daleks, Cybermen, and silurians/sea devils, and I thought, wouldn't it be neat to have my own unofficial Doctor Who 'episodes' where an untelevised recurring enemy was encountered by each of the Doctors in a series of adventures.

I came across a site called Shapeways, it's a 3d printing shop - you design a 3D model on your computer, and they 'print' out a miniature figure based on the model. After looking at some vintage/retro robots on the net, I've designed a robot I call the Robomaster, in a 'man in a suit' style.

I won't be able to order any for a couple weeks, but I've made the model for the Mk1 version of the Robomasters, who the first and second Doctor might encounter in my gaming :) They are tall robots (35mm high miniature, compared with 28mm high humans) planning to conquer the universe.

Shapeways has a minimum order of $25, and I worked out a single Robomaster (figure and base as a single piece) would cost $5.90 US. So, in a couple weeks I'll order a bunch of them, paint them up, and see what they are like. Hopefully my Doctor Who miniatures will have arrived by then, and after painting them up too, I can try out some games.

I'm very impressed that a 35mm custom figure can be manufactured and it costs less than $6 to do so!

Here's a rendered pic of the Robomaster Mk1 model, unpainted. I'm thinking of making variants holding rayguns or engineering equipment as well. I plan on painting them up in a white 'plastic' and crome/steel metal paint scheme, with black 'eye' and chest panel, and there are some black 'slot' indentations on the right half of the head, and there is a ring indentation on the top of the head, which is a glowing blue, red or green light. (groups could be painted with different coloured head lights to identify them)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Crooked Dice new stuff

Crooked Dice make figures that are very suitable to use as recent Doctor Who characters (9th - 11th Doctors).

Some new 'minions' figures have been released that have a nice familiar look to them. Unpainted and Painted examples are in these posts:
There are also some 'living scarecrow' designs in the works:

While there, be sure to check out their other great figures!

ruined city board in progress

Here's some shots of my ruined city board in progress.

Ruined paper building in progress:

completed paper ruined building:

City Ruins map in progress:

Thoughts on gloss coated photo paper:
The glossy paper experiment was a bit of good and bad. It works great on everything - this is draft quality printing, but it still comes out looking like a high quality print because of the coating on the paper. And as long as you are sitting or standing by the table, looking down at the table to move figures around, eveything looks fine. However, if you get down low, for example, to take a side on shot of figures on the board, the gloss coating on any ground surfaces becomes completely reflective and it is impossible to take a photo from that angle.
I'm thinking now that quality photo paper works great for buildings, but the ground should be on matte cardstock. I have yet to find an alternative that has a non reflective surface but still has the strong colours and tones of the photo paper... and is cheep. (I got the paper I'm currently using at a really low price)

What's next:
I'm going to assemble a couple more paper ruin buildings of different types. Then I want to find some craters and more rubble. At the moment, the roads are very clean, but I want to junk up the ground surface of the board, clutter it up with craters, rubble, more barrels and things, so that it looks more like a blown up warzone.

For those interested in the PDF paper ruin buildings, here are links to a few of them. These PDFs have 'layers', which you can toggle in Adobe Acrobat Reader, allowing you to print tudor, brick, concrete, wood, bullet holes, cracks, and other types of details, to make different looking buildings from the same model, and then print. I thought that was a really great feature.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

World War Ruins

I was thinking a ruined London city battlefield would be nice, but I don't have any of those sorts of ruins - or enough to make a large bombed-out street scene. However, today I stumbled across a paper modeller named Dave Graffam, who sells pdf paper scenery.

He mostly does fantasy, but there are a number of more modern buildings in there. I've grabbed a whole bunch of different types of ruined buildings - a snipers wall, bombed house, etc... Each ruin comes with a range of different texture options, so you can assemble them as a range of different ruined buildings. I'm looking forward to printing them out and making my first Ruined London battlefield!

I'll post some photos once I have assembled a bunch of ruins, to show what they are like. I'm using thick 'photo' glossy paper, because I love how strong the colours are, and the look of the quality of the print, when using that sort of paper. The only downside with gloss paper is that there are often reflections, depending on the angle you're looking at it. I'll try a couple ruins, and see what they are like on photo paper, before doing a whole table of them.

The thing I like about paper scenery, is that if you sticky tape it together with small tabs of tape, you can get a craft knife and slit the tape, to seperate the pieces, so you can fold them flat, and pack them away for easy storage. This is good, because I don't have much storage room for large scenery pieces.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Hi guys. So I've played my first game of the Doctor Who Miniatures Game. I made a few mistakes here and there (like blowing up a Dalek, without giving it a chance to avoid death using its Dalekanium Armour) but I'm still learning how to play this. Anyway, had a great time, took lots of photos.

I'm only using paper standups at the moment - I didn't want to collect an army of miniatures, paint them up, then find I didn't like the rules or the style of the game. However, I really enjoyed this game, so I'm going to be buying heaps of Black Tree Designs miniatures and painting them up for a proper 3D miniatures game experience :) For now though, I apologize that the figures are just photos of miniatures printed out and folded so that they stand up.

The Scenario:
I based this battle on the Tournament Game in the Dalek Invasion of Earth PDF (my first blog post has links for getting rules and scenarios). I made a couple alterations, so this is basically what this battle is about:

A Dalek Saucer, detecting human life signs, sets down in the ruined British countryside. Local resistance fighters move into the area, seeking out human survivors, to evacuate them to safety. Meanwhile, a wheelchair-bound resistance leader named Dortmun needs to cross this area to reach a secret resistance meeting.

Following the Tournament rules, I made 8 groups, and assigned each group a coloured gemstone to identify them:

Invader Forces
Dalek Black - 1 Dalek - out to exterminate any enemies encountered.
Dalek Red - 1 Dalek - patrolling each Quarter of the map.
Robomen Green - 3 Robomen - planted with explosives and remote controlled, they will blow up near resistance humans.
Robomen Yellow - 3 Robomen with a mission to capture humans and bring them to the Saucer.

Resistance Forces
Resistance Black - 2 soldiers - escorting Dortmun to and off the north end of the map.
Resistance Green - patrol each Quarter of the map
Resistance Yellow - try to take out as many invaders as possible - and carrying Dalek Bombs
Resistance Red - try to find survivors in the ruins outside of their starting Quarter and escort them off the Resistance starting zone.


Priority: Resistance

The resistance soldiers set about their missions. Res-Black push Dortmun's wheelchair north from the entry zone, into the ruins. They plan to go up the east side of the map, and push him off the north east side of the map, to achieve their mission. Res-Green runs north, skirting the ruin walls, and gains a Victory Point (VP) for patrolling this Quarter of the map. Res-Yellow follows behind them, also skirting the ruin walls. They want to get in front of Dortmun, so they can fight the enemy and give him a chance to push through.

Res-Red runs west over the river ford crossing, heading to the southwest ruins in search of surivors to rescue.

Robomen-Yellow slowly pace southeast from the Saucer, planning to cross the river bridge and capture some of the humans. Robomen-Green similarly mindlessly shuffle toward the bridge. Dalek Black heads southeast for the river, in search of humans to exterminate, while Dalek Red rushes south, gaining 1 VP for patrolling this Quarter of the map, and heading toward the southwest Quarter.

Point Tally:
Resistance: 1 VP / Invaders: 1 VP

Round Two
Priority: Invaders

Dalek Red heads into the southwest Quarter. Robomen Yellow mindlessly stomp toward the bridge. Robomen Green also head for the bridge. Dalek Black hovers over the river toward the humans.

Resistance Red heads into the southwest ruins, and searches unsuccessfully for survivors. Dalek Red sees them from the distance.
The other resistance groups continue to head north up the east side of the map. Res-Yellow move behind some barrels for cover. Dalek Black, seeing the humans, begins to chant, "Exterminate! Exterminate!"

Round Two Point Tally:
Resistance: 1 VP / Invaders: 1 VP

Priority: Invaders

The Invaders get to go first again! Dalek Black moves beyond the river, and fires at the nearast resistance soldier, killing him, and gaining +2 VP. Robomen Green and Yellow continue shuffling for the bridge. Meanwhile, in the southwest, Dalek Red moves and opens fire on the resistance group who are searching for survivors, but it misses.

Resistance Red rolls lucky, and a survivor is found! They grab the survivor, and together, the trio run for the southeast corner of the map. If they can get the survivor off the map, they'll achieve their mission. In the northeast, the humans attack the Dalek. Res-Yellow attacks with both of their Dalek Bombs. One bounces off the Dalek, and explodes harmlessly off to one side. The other hits the Dalek and explodes! However, when the dust settles, the Dalek is still there, unharmed, and very, very annoyed. The surviving member of Res-Green runs up to the Dalek and fires his gun - hitting a critical spot and causing the Dalek's head to explode in fire and sparks, gaining VP for the resistance! A cheer goes up among the resistance fighters, as the wheelchair-bound leader Dortmun is wheeled toward the smoking Dalek, and on his way toward the north end of the map.

Round Three Point Tally:
Resistance: 3 VP / Invaders: 3 VP

Priority: Invaders
Daleks get to go first yet again! Dalek Red swivels on the spot menacingly, and shoots at the fleeing Resistance soldiers who are escorting the civilian survivor. Instead of moving this round, he fires twice - but both shots miss.
And then - tragedy! Robomen Green shuffle across the bridge, and are actually within 4" of Dortmun the Resistance Leader! The mind-controlled robomen are packed with explosives, and the moment they get within range, the Daleks detonate them! Both resistance soldiers - and Dortmun - are blown up in the explosion, gaining the Invaders +3 VP.
Robomen Yellow shuffle onto the bridge, after the explosion goes off, still intent on finding and capturing a resistance soldier.

Resistance Green aims at the front Roboman Yellow and opens fire. Even though he aims, the shot goes flying over the roboman's head. Both Resistance Yellow soldiers also aim and fire at the robomen. Amazingly, both shots hit the Roboman, but ricochet harmlessly off the metal mind-controlling helmet.

In the southern end of the map, Resistance Red makes it to the corner of the map - but they still have to spend a turn moving off the map to succeed in their rescue mission.

Round Four Point Tally:
Resistance: 3 VP / Invaders: 6 VP
The Invaders pull ahead into the lead with the assassination of Dortmun!

Priority: Invaders

They just keep winning initiative over the poor embattled human resistance! Dalek Red sees that even if he moved then shot, he couldn't fire at the fleeing resistance soldiers and the rescued civilian, so he turns his eyestalk to the northeast, and hovers to the river. The move grants him another +1 VP for his mission of patrolling each Quarter of the map! The Robomen shuffle beyond the bridge, heading towards the two soldiers of Resistance Yellow that are behind some barrels. They don't shoot at the resistance soldiers, as their goal is to stun and capture them to fulfill their mission.

The three resistance survivors open fire on the approaching robomen, and take out the one in front, gaining +1 VP. In the southeast corner, the resistance rescuers escape with the civilian survivor, gaining +2 VP.

Round Five Point Tally:
Resistance: 6 VP / Invaders: 7 VP
The invaders are still in the lead, but the resistance is catching up as they rescue a civilian!

Priority: Resistance

For the first time since the first turn of the game, the resistance gets to act first! Lone Resistance Green soldier moves to the east edge of the battlefield, and heads north, over the rubble, then moves back west, to stand behind cover, looking back at the robomen. He has now moved far enough to complete his mission to patrol each Quarter of the map, gaining +1 VP for the northeast Quarter of the map. Meanwhile, the two Resistance Yellow soldiers aim and open fire again on the robomen - and while they hit with both shots, it's just a scratch.

The two Robomen Yellow split up, shuffling to either side of the barrels, to come at the Resistance Yellow soldiers from both directions - and attack them with their stun batons. One of the resistance soldiers falls unconscious to the ground!

Dalek Red hovers across the river at full speed, and comes to a halt behind the melee conflict.

(I forgot to take any photos of the game during this round)

Round Six Point Tally
Resistance: 7 VP / Invaders: 7 VP
It's pretty close, but a Dalek has just moved into firing range, and only two resistance soldiers are still standing...

Priority: Invaders
The invaders are back in priority!

One Roboman Yellow starts dragging the stunned resistance soldier back toward the bridge - and the Saucer. The other continues to try and stun the other resistance soldier. The resistance soldier has higher agility, and gets to melee attack him first - but fails. However, the roboman also fails again to stun him.

The Dalek Red opens fire from behind the struggling resistance soldier, and blasts him away! +1 VP for the Invaders!

Meanwhile, only one resistance soldier is still standing, and he shoots from behind the rubble. He shoots the roboman who is dragging the stunned resistance soldier, and kills him, gaining +1 VP! Even better, at the end of the round, the stunned soldier rolls lucky, and wakes up!

Round Seven Point Tally
Resistance: 8 VP / Invaders: 8 VP
A close couple of rounds. Neck and neck points!

Priority: Resistance

Hoping to get two victory points, both remaining resistance soldiers move to a firing position, and shoot at the Dalek. However, even though one flukes a wounding shot, the Dalekanium Armour lets the Dalek roll to avoid taking damage - and it succeeds in staying alive.

The Dalek screeches "Exterminate! Exterminate!" and opens fire on the closest resistance soldier, but misses with both shots!

The remaining roboman moves to the closest soldier - the one who just woke up from being stunned - and tries to knock him out again, but fails to stun him.

Round Eight Point Tally
Both sitting on 8 VP, no one earned any points this round! Only two rounds left until the game ends...

Priority: Invaders

The Dalek opens fire with another set of blasts, but miraculously, it misses yet again! The roboman repeats his attempt to stun the resistance soldier - but with higher agility, the resistance soldier gets to strike first - and kills the roboman, gaining +1 VP for the resistance!

Resistance Green, whose mission is to patrol Quarters of the map, decides to try and earn another point at the end of the game, and runs away from the Dalek, and across the bridge, into the northwest Quarter. He still has to move some more to gain a patrolling VP though.

Round Nine Point Tally
Resistance: 9 VP / Invaders: 8 VP
The resistance pulls ahead by 1 point!

Priority: Resistance

With luck, the Resistance gains priority for the final round. Both humans run away from the Dalek. The patrolling human moves far enough to gain another +1 VP for his patrolling mission.

The Dalek has to get closer to a target to fire, but if he moves, he will still not be close enough, or in sight of, anyone to shoot them. Infuriated, the Dalek starts shooting wildly at the scenery, screeching, "You can-not de-feat the Da-leks!" Then, remembering his actual mission, he hovers off toward the river, moving far enough to earn a final +1 VP for his patrolling mission.

Resistance: 10 VP / Invaders: 9 VP

The Resistance wins by 1 point, then flees the area, leaving a disgruntled Dalek to return alone to his Saucer.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Paul's Doctor Who Miniatures Blog

Hi guys! I've always loved doctor who. The old classic series had a mix of great and boring episodes, but the costumes, dodgy scenery, and having all of time and space to explore, was fantastic. I'm a minatures games enthusiast, collecting all manner of minatures games, maps, rules, scenery, etc, and I thought, it would be so great to have a time travelling doctor who universe miniatures game.

Then, I discovered there was one! A range of miniatures were made by companies in the 80's, even Citedal Games (the warhammer guys) made daleks and cybermen and more! I was quite surprised, because I had never heard or seen any doctor who miniatures things before.

Then I stumbled upon the main rules set being used by people at the moment, an unofficial doctor who miniatures game that features lots of free pdfs covering all of the doctors, and supporting the huge range of miniatures made by companies such as Black Tree Designs and Crooked Dice. The free rules can be found at:

To get started, I have made paper miniatures (stand-ups) based on photos of painted miniatures on the internet. I'll use them to play a couple games, and see what the actual gameplay is like. If I like it, I'll start building up armies of daleks, cybermen, UNIT, earth resistance fighters, Doctor and companions, and more!

To begin, I'm tailoring the Dalek Invasion of Earth: Tournament Scenario into a two-player / solitaire scenario set in the british countryside, in the future. The Dalek Invasion of Earth is based on a first doctor adventure, where the Daleks had conquered humanity, leaving the cities of the earth in ruins - until thwarted by the Doctor and his companions.

Here's a photo of my current table setup. Once I've finished assembling paper miniatures, I'll play my scenario idea as a solitaire game test, and write it up as a battle report with photos.

The scenery is a mix of: citedal gaming mat, paper-printed roads from WorldWorks, 'battlefield-in-a-box' pre-painted hills, trees, rivers and bridge, and pegasus pre-painted gothic ruins and ruined walls. I'm can't remember who makes the industrial stacks / sci-fi machinery pieces, or the pre-painted barrels and crates. The paper model UFO (only partially assembled. There's landing gear, but I haven't done that yet) is from

As always, click on image for bigger image.