Thursday, July 3, 2014

Off Topic: Transforming Toys painting and gaming blog

So, everyone knows by now that I like blogging. Lots of different blogs, for different topics, and different games, so here's yet another one!

I've reliving 80's fun watching Transformer's Cartoons, and I've been reading Marvel and IDW comics, and playing Transformers computer games, and I thought, why isn't there a collect and paint and play miniatures game about transforming toys like Transformers and Gobots.

So I've decided to collect cheap transforming toys, and to paint them up as if they were miniatures game pieces, and to make miniatures rules for them.

I'm blogging the collecting, painting, and rule making, at this new blog:

Here's a glimpse of what to expect:

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Giant Robot Gorilla !

No, it's not a giant gorilla - it's a giant Robot Gorilla!

My brother knows I like giant monsters, and someone had left this out with other junk to be thrown away, so he grabbed it for me :) A new paint coat, wash and highlights later, and I've added some metal and glowing eyes to turn him into a robot monster - titanium breastplate and all!

Part of a hairy cybernetics experiment, the misunderstood machine goes on a rampage through the streets of future London, falling in love and running off with one of the Doctor's damsel companions clutched in its massive paws, etc... Sounds like an idea for a scenario to play out at some point :)

As always with metal, the metallic painted parts look heaps better in real life than in a static photo.

Bessie ! The Doctor's Car !

I found this on Ebay super cheap! The 3rd Doctor's car, Bessie, in scale with the minis! I love the 'Who 1' license plate. I don't know where it's from, as it was just loose by itself on Ebay. I wonder what scale it is, as it is perfect for 28mm people, and it would be great to have a bunch of same-scale cars for the urban maps I'm trying to put together.

All I need now is the 3rd Doctor :)

Monster Hordes are growing...

Got some more cybermen done today :) Right now I'm watching Godzilla vs MechGodzilla III and had to stick one of my Dino's in the background - I'll have to do an Invasion of the Dinosaurs at some stage :)

And a now have three Yeti! I love their eyes :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Yeti - man in a monster suit 2

Another fun monster from the early Doctor Who episodes :) The Yeti! This sculpt had lots of nice texture to it with all the fur.

The Second Doctor ( 2nd Doctor )

I did my 2nd Doctor today. I like it, but would have liked checkered pants better. I've seen some great mini painters do quite detailed freehand clothing, and I tried to do some checkers at first, but my free-handing with very tiny lines was too rough, and I ended up giving him solid colour trousers. I'll have to practice that sort of thing a bit more at a later date. Anyway, here's a step-by-step painting the Black Tree 2nd Doctor.

Step 1: Undercoat in black

Step Two: pants in karak stone

step three: shirt in fenrisian grey (light blue)

recorder in screaming skull

skin in cadian fleshtone

handkerchief in white scar

jacket in very dark grey ( a colour I got a lot of in a sample pot from the hardware store. I got three shades of grey - dark, medium and light, in big sample pots, for just $8 each. Much cheaper than buying lots and lots of pots of miniatures paints. I use sample pots to get big amounts of paint for working on scenery, and use the dark grey paint as a base coat for black clothing now - after applying a black wash over it, the folds in the now-black clothing are automatically shaded.)

Put the blue (fenrisian grey) on the frilly cuffs of the shirt sleeves

Wash with nuln oil (black wash) to bring out all of the details. Note how the grey jacket now looks black, but the raised folds still show the dark grey, automatically highlighting the black jacket (instead of the whole thing being pitch black with no visible detail).

Once the wash has dried, all of the colours you painted are now shadowy. Take the original colours and paint back onto the model, to highlight the surfaces. Areas to paint again - the face (being sure to leave the recesses shaded) and up-facing sides of the model such as shoulders, tops of hands, collar of shirt, etc. Also highlight some of the folds in the pants to make them more visible and contrasty.
 Paint the shoes dark brown, with light brown on their top side, and stick on a base! Done!

Cyberman !

Fantastic! Got my cybermen in the mail from Black Tree ! So easy to paint - bright silver, black wash, highlight up-facing surfaces with the silver again. Done!
Gotta be careful when cutting the slot-bit of metal off, that runs under their feet (for slotting into a regular slot-base) as his right foot snapped off. Luckily some super glue helped get him standing again. Once glued onto the clear base, he was solid again.